Information to Employers

Thank you for your interest in the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Edulink International College Nairobi. Our wish is to build strong and dynamic working relationships with prospective employers and organisations within the local and international community.

Edulink International College Nairobi’s Careers and Employability Service will work collaboratively with employers and other external organisations to promote the recruitment of our students and graduates into full and part time employment, internships, work experience and voluntary opportunities.

Recruiting Students

If you would like to advertise:

  • Graduate employment opportunities
  • Part-time and temporary employment opportunities

Graduate Training Schemes

Please contact the Careers and Employability Service and we will advertise your vacancy to our current students and alumni.


If you would like to offer students the opportunity to develop work experience, while they make a valuable contribution to your organisation, We can advertise your internship and short-list for you before your final selection. Please send details of your requirements to:

Why employ an Edulink International College Nairobi Graduate?

  • has appropriate knowledge and understanding
  • is creative and enterprising
  • is enquiring, critical, reflective
  • is an autonomous learner
  • is self-motivated
  • is a good communicator
  • is committed to lifelong learning
  • is prepared for work in multicultural societies and international environments
  • is a good citizen
  • is aware of own strengths and weaknesses
  • has clear vision and a plan for future personal development