Diploma in Project Management

The KNEC Project Management Diploma, offers learners an 24 month qualification which will fully equip them with skills and understanding to support project management careers in both Public and Private Organisations. The course is theoretical in context, with the added addition of contextualisation and hands-on activity and support. Through the small class sizes, learners will acquire skills to set them apart in the job market.

With Project Management being a growing sector of the Kenyan economy, the course provides the perfect platform for graduates to launch into an expanding industry. Having secured both practical and theoretical understanding of the concepts and techniques, through the unique combination of the KNEC curriculum, small class sizes and interactive teaching methods of Edulink, students will enter the world of employment with a professional edge in the growing sector.

The course content will ensure that students are at the top of the industry with skills in planning projects, analysis and decision making, using project management tools and models, and evaluation to achieve business objectives. The wide variety of modules provides a holistic understanding of Project Management. The curriculum also exposes students to the concepts of Entrepreneurship, allowing them to start a small business and see the alternatives of salaried employment. An attachment and research project provide the student practical experience and application opportunities to put the course content into practice. In addition this provides a portfolio of experience to support in securing employment opportunities post-graduation.

The course is delivered through 3 modules and an Industrial Attachment, with each module compromising of units as below:

Module 1:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Life Skills
  3. Information Communication Technology
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Fundamentals of Project Management
  6. Financial Accounting
  7. Resource Mobilisation
  8. Project Financing

Module 2:

  1. Cost Accounting
  2. Project Quality Management
  3. Quantitative Techniques
  4. Project Procurement and Management
  5. Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  6. Project Management Information Systems
  7. Business Plan

Module 3:

  1. Operations Management
  2. Fundamentals of Strategic Management
  3. Risk Management in Projects
  4. Legal Issues in Project Management
  5. Principles and Practice of Management
  6. Research Methods
  7. Trade Project

Students will be equipped to:

A 24 month qualification, to equip students in Project Management careers at a middle management level, or self-employment.

  • Analyse a project
  • Plan for all resources required in the execution of a project
  • Manage a project for the duration
  • Use project management tools, for planning and execution
  • Analyse projects and make recommendations
  • Understand the business elements of accounting, and legal issues to support Project Management
  • Support, and achieve business objectives through the application of the above.

Course delivery:

  • Duration of 24 months
  • 3 modules, made up of a range of units
  • Research Project
  • Industrial Attachment

Small class size, interactive teaching, holistic curriculum, research project and industrial attachment, combine to prepare students for employment.

Entry Requirements:  C plain overall KCSE and minimum of grade C- in both mathematics and English

Course Costs: 60,000 per module

Upon completion students will be awarded with a Diploma in Project Management accredited by KNEC.

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