Certificate in Multimedia (CIM)


his Course lays the foundation for learning Graphics skills. To prepare the student to acquire concepts of digital graphics and equip them with thorough knowledge of creating, image-editing and publishing graphics for various industries.

Learning Outcomes

  • Visualization of imagery
  • Creating digital graphics
  • Editing and optimizing of graphics for the web
  • Digital printing and broadcast media

Career Opportunities

Career options following certification in Multimedia (CIM) include roles as:

  • Junior Graphic Designer,
  • Web Graphic Designer,
  • Illustrator,
  • Photo Editor and
  • Layout Artists
Entry Requirements

Admission to the program is available only after successful completion of KCSE or its equivalent

What you will study
Term 1
Term 1 Total hours
Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations 26
Typography Design 18
Digital Illustrations 20
Digital Painting 34
Photography Concepts and Post processing using Lightroom 34
Design for Print and Advertising 12
Page Design 36
Print Portfolio 2
Total 182
Tuition Fees
Certificate in Multimedia  Fees Ksh
Total Tuition Fee for the programme 66,000
Promotional Discount Academic Year 2017-2018 0%
Net Tuition Fee for the programme 66,000
Campus Ambulance Cover 1,500
Medical Insurance Fee (optional) 30,000
Registration fee 3,000
Caution Money (payable on admission only)* 10,000
Total 110,500
Other Fee Ksh
Resit (all levels) 2,000
ID replacement 1,000
Graduation 5,000
Payment Schedules
Date Due Plan A Plan B
Ksh Ksh
Additional Discount (On Tuition only) 10%
Additional Charge (On Tuition only) 0%
Tuition Fees Payable 59,400 66,000
Prior to the completion of registration
Tuition Fee (Installment 1) 10th Sept 2017 59,400 33,000
Registration fee 10th Sept 2017 3,000 3,000
Campus Ambulance Cover 10th Sept 2017 1,500 1,500
Caution Money (payable on admission only)* 10th Sept 2017 10,000 10,000
Total Initial Deposit Due 73,900 47,500
During Academic Year
Tuition Fee (Installment 2) 10th Dec 2017 N/A 33,000
Total 73,900 80,500
* Refundable subject to terms and conditions