Arena Multimedia Specialists Programme (AMSP)


Arena Multimedia Specialist Programme (AMSP) is a two year Advanced Diploma course which effectively trains you in 2D and 3D, Animation, Multimedia, Web Designing and Gaming. The course takes you through the process of art direction, scripting, and the art of animation as well as project work. This programme not only sharpens your creative skills but also provides job-oriented training that ensures all round development to match industry requirements.

Career Opportunities

AMSP is the doorway to one of the most dynamic and exciting industries-Animation & Multimedia. Reputed for high-quality, industry-intensive training, Arena will train every student to become a competent animation or multimedia professional, capable of meeting any challenge. Arena’s comprehensive career courses are specially designed to create a well trained and fully qualified professional who is ready for the industry; be it in Animation, Advertising, Television, Print and Publishing and Film content or a host of other rewarding career options.


  • Certificate In Multimedia : after Semester I (6 months)
  • Diploma In Multimedia – DIM: after Semester II (10months)
  • Arena Multimedia Specialist Program – AMSP: after Semester IV (22 months
Course Highlights

Course Highlights

  • Focus on new trends and techniques used in the animation industry
  • Industry visits and workshops
  • Industry relevant techniques
  • Specialisation and creating a portfolio in the area of your interest
  • Work with high end studio infrastructure
What you will study

Semester 1

Semester 1 Tools Learning Outcomes
Design and Visualization Fundamentals Understand various visualisation and imagery techniques
Graphics and Illustration Fundamentals Explain fundamentals of Graphics and various aspects of drawings
Creative Illustrations Adobe IllustratorCS6 Explain fundamentals of typography and understand the scope and application in contemporary society
Creating Artworks CorelDRAWX6 Create artworks/Illustrations
Image Magic Adobe Photoshop ExtendedCS6 Use Image Editing tools and retouch images
Design for Print and Advertising Understand functional aspects of print advertising
Media Publishing Adobe IndesignCS6 Design and publish a page layout for magazine and brochures
Print Portfolio Project Guide

Semester 2

Semester 2 Tools Learning Outcomes
Concepts of Storyboarding Explain techniques and importance of storyboard
Working with Audio Adobe Audition Create, record and edit audio
Video Streaming and Editing Adobe Premier ProCS6 Edit and composite videos
Concepts of Digital Filmmaking Create digital motion graphics and composite images
Digital Fx Adobe After Effects Professional CS6
Compositing with Nuke Nuke

Semester 3

Semester 3 Tools Learning Outcomes
3D Basics – Modeling to Animation Concepts Understand basics of 3D animation
Modeling with 3D 3ds Max 2014 Prepare 3D models using modeling tools
Lights, Camera and Materials 3ds Max 2014 Prepare lights, camera, and materials for a scene.
3D Motion Graphics and Fx 3ds Max 2014 Understanding camera motion, key frames and function curve
Rendering with V-Ray 3ds Max with V-Ray Create digital motion graphics and composite images
3D Animation Portfolio Project

Semester 4

Semester 4 Tools Learning Outcomes
3D Modeling MAYA Unlimited 2014 Prepare 3D models using modeling tools
Digital Sculpting Zbrush Create and edit textures which are the most vital contributing factors to the aesthetics of the animation.
Texturing MAYA Unlimited 2014 Understand lighting techniques to create photo realistic images.
Lighting and Rendering MAYA Unlimited 2014 Set up and animate characters
Rigging MAYA Unlimited 2014
Character Animation MAYA Unlimited 2014
Portfolio Demo Reel Digital Portfolio Development E-Project
Tuition Fees
  Arena Multimedia Specialist Programme
  Year 1 Year 2
Application Fees 5,000 N/A
Tuition Fee 140,000 140,000
Caution Money 15,000
Total Fee 155,000 140,000

* A range of payment plans are available

Please note:

  • Enrolment Fee – Payable on admission to the programme. Non refundable
  • Tuition Fee – this is an Annual Tuition Fee for the programme
  • Bookpacks – are optional
  • Caution Money – Payable on admission to the programme. Refundable less damages/penalties at the end of study period. Non-transferable towards tuition fees.
  • Medical Insurance – Payable on admission annually, unless exempted. Non-refundable.