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Detail of Qualification

*NB: EICN-Edulink International College Nairobi

Please list all qualifications in chronological order with the most recent first. Provide copies of certificates and transcripts where appropriate. If not accompanying this form, please ensure that any documentation is submitted along with the appropriate downloadable cover sheet.

Note: Print outs from self-service / web portal systems will not be accepted. The documentation submitted must be formally issued by the relevant awarding institution/exam body.

International students must submit documentation both in the original language and as an officially endorsed English language translation.

Educational Qualifications – State most recent first, attaching copies of certificates and transcripts where possible. For International students, these should be in both the original language and an official English translation. Please do not send original certificates.

Language Qualifications:

Entry is conditional on the achievement of a standard level of English. If your first language is not English then please give details of the most recent English Proficiency course you have taken. Eg: IELTS, TOEF)

Any statements on this form which prove to be untrue or purposely misleading will render the application void. Furthermore, if inaccuracies are highlighted at a later stage we retain the right to retract any offer made or expel the student with no refund of fees.

I accept and grant permission for my employer/sponsor to be informed of any relevant information relating to progression of my programme, including my record of attendance.

I confirm that the information given on this form is true, complete and accurate. No information requested or other material has been omitted. I consent to the storage and processing of data by Edulink International College, Nairobi.

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