At Edulink, we offer lifelong and practical learning opportunities that are designed to provide learners the ability to advance their knowledge and skill-sets and excel in their present and future careers.

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Our Programs

Our unique programs are tailored to ensure that our students fit in perfectly in the modern day job market.

IT Diploma

Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering

ADSE is a two year diploma programme is offered in partnership with Aptech Computer Education India, to make you an industry-ready professional in the Software Programing field. ADSE gives you the professional edge to start your career in the global IT industry. The curriculum has been recently updated and includes the following: Android Applications, Windows Store Apps, Cloud Computing, Mobile Applications, Internet Security.

Programming Courses

Advanced Diploma in Multimedia

ADIM is a two year Advanced Diploma course is offered in partnership with ARENA Multimedia India, in which effectively trains you in 2D and 3D, Animation, Multimedia, Web Designing and Gaming. The course takes you through the process of art direction, scripting, and the art of animation as well as project work.

Edulink International College Nairobi

International Foundation Programme

Your Pathway to UK and International Degree

The International Foundation Programme is a year-long academic course that is suitable for students who are, as yet, unable to meet the entry requirements for either our or other international undergraduate degree programmes. Successful completion of the International Foundation Programme will enable students to continue their studies within their chosen degree pathway. Key skills in communication, group and individual study, and business practice learned throughout the year will enable students to successfully apply for and complete a degree programme.

Advanced Excel

ICDL (International Computer Driving License)

The ICDL programme defines the skills and competencies necessary to use a computer and common computer applications. It offers a wide range of modules including Computer Essentials, Word Processing and IT Security. Candidates take tests in the modules which are most relevant to their educational and professional requirements, thereby creating their ICDL Profile.

Certificate In Information Technologies (IT)

Certificate in IT/MIS is offered in partnership with Aptech Computer Education India. This gives a good foundation to start your career in Information Technology. This Certification will not only prepare you for your future studies for IT industry but will also provide the know how to better understand and use existing Computer Based Systems deployed in all modern day offices.

Edulink International College Nairobi

Certificate in Graphic Design

CIM is certificate course in Graphics Technologies, offered in partnership with ARENA Multimedia India. This Course lays the foundation for learning Graphics skills. To prepare the student to acquire concepts of digital graphics and equip them with thorough knowledge of creating, image-editing and publishing graphics for various industries.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing trains students in one of the most in- demand skills in digital space today – Social Media Optimisation and Analytics. Social Media Optimisation helps organisations improve their organic search results, extend their reach and increase opportunities for people to link to their Business while Web analytics is a powerful tool that helps organizations improve customer satisfaction, identify patterns and trends, and make smarter business decisions.

ISCP – Information Security Certified Professional

ISCP is a complete Cyber Security Course including all the 20 modules of Cyber Security and gives more practical learning with certification exam. It allows you to understand the advanced concepts of hacking, cyber security and security assessment in a simple and logical manner.

Professional Study

We offer lifelong learning opportunities that are designed to provide learners the ability to advance their knowledge and skill-sets and excel in their present and future careers.

Conducive Learning Environment

The institution is located in an ideal location with a serene environment to support the right learning environment.

World Class Facilities

Our students have access to exceptional research tools in the UK and Kenya, as well as facilities and infrastructure that support the breadth of their scholarship and education.

Affordable Education

Edulink International College Nairobi offers Quality Affordable Higher Education with international partner.

A few words about us

Edulink International College Nairobi was established in 2014, and from the year 2015 has been offering a wide range of professional job-oriented courses at undergraduate level,  leading to a successful career or University degree. Edulink International College  supports Kenyan students to achieve their on-going educational goals, by permitting them to gain a quality international education whilst remaining in Nairobi and therefore benefiting from not having to travel overseas and manage the organisation and expense that overseas education entails.

Meet our Academic Partners

We’ve partnered with the best academic partners to ensure we deliver value to our students.

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